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Areas of Interest
As a member, I volunteer to help S.T.A.R. in the following area(s):

Fostering - Short term - (under two weeks)Fostering - Long term - (over two weeks)

Activities include helping to promote events; baking/cooking for events; picking up or delivering items for events; working at events.
I'm interested in helping fundraise.

Local Driver - Driving dogs to and from local vets; to foster homes; and/or local boarding facilities.
Long Distance Transport - Transporting within a 120 mile radius; or transporting to rescues located in bordering or other states.
Loading Crew - Preparing a transport vehicle; to include loading, securing and prepping the crates.
Cleaning Crew - Includes cleaning dog crates after transports; cleaning the inside the transport vehicles; laundry as needed.

Monday - AMMonday - PM
Tuesday - AMTuesday - PM
Wednesday - AMWednesday - PM
Thursday - AMThursday - PM
Friday - AMFriday - PM
Saturday - AMSaturday - PM
Sunday - AMSunday - PM
Type of Membership

By signing this Agreement, I will actively participate in the areas I have selected above.

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