Murphy’s Story

April 21, 2016 | 12:30 pm


On a hot day in July of 2011, a dog was found along the side of a road in rural Kentucky. He was thin, his fur was matted, maggots were living under his filthy coat, and his pelvis was broken.

The intake sheet at the pound read, “Poor condition. To be euthanized.”

A broken pelvis meant an expensive vet bill, and there were no funds to cover that cost. Murphy did not know it, but there were people who did not see him as an animal that was too far gone to help. People who could see beyond the filthy, matted coat, and expensive vet bills. STAR volunteers went to work to give this dog, dubbed ‘Scruffy’ a new lease on life.

Just hours before Scruffy was scheduled to be euthanized, STAR had the money to pay for surgery, and it was not long before he was well on his way to recovery and good health. STAR then worked with Nancy Doyle of Fuzzy Face Rescue, and on the night of August 11th, Scruffy arrived in Connecticut, and was placed in a loving foster home.
Feeling and looking much better, charming Scruffy soon found a forever home with a caring family who are head over heels in love with this special dog they call Murphy.

Murphy doesn’t know how much effort went into saving his life. He doesn’t know how many people were involved or how much it cost. What Murphy knows is far more worthwhile. He knows that he was suffering. He knows he was hurt, lost, and scared. He knows that there were a lot of kind faces and caring hands. Murphy doesn’t understand the distance between Kentucky and Connecticut, but he does understand the distance between the life he endured and the life he now enjoys with a wonderful family in New Haven that are thrilled to have found the scruffy, soft, sweet, smart boy of their dreams.